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Why should I be a member of the Cimarron Area Chamber of Commerce?

  • Because my support can help yield manifold benefits to increase payrolls, health, safety, legislation, industry, business protection and community advancement. I prosper as my area prospers.
  • Because I believe that any person who helps the community through active participation in the work of their Chamber of Commerce will develop their own abilities and broaden their own views.
  • Because through the Chamber of Commerce, I can best discharge my obligations to this area in which I live and earn my living. I realize that every person owes a debt to the community that cannot be paid in taxes: a debt of personal service.
  • Because the Chamber of Commerce unifies the public spirit of the community and directs it into useful and constructive channels.
  • Because the Chamber of Commerce cannot carry out its broad program of work to protect and advance business without personal service and adequate financial support.
  • Because the Chamber of Commerce helps create and express sound opinions on questions affecting the welfare of my community.
  • Because without a strong, effective Chamber of Commerce, my community would be less able to compete with other towns for new industries and new payrolls.
  • Because I believe it’s essential to progress to have a central organization eternally watching community welfare and development. I believe the Chamber of Commerce is the central organization adequately equipped to do this work.
  • Because the most effective and constructive influence is the force of organized business functioning through the chamber of Commerce for the purpose of improving our community. We can, through organized effort, make this the kind of area we determine it shall be.

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